Pin Jin or Dowry: What you should know about this Chinese wedding tradition

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Hand embroidered gold encrusted crowns are worn to signify the meaning of marriage and how extraordinary and exceptional the covenant is before God. As the wedding day approaches, the bridal preparations are of utmost importance. The parents of the newlyweds agree on the location where this will be held. Towards the end of this ceremony, the parents bless and congratulate their kids and bid them adieu. As the bread is being cut, the bride’s mother presents her daughter a nickname that everyone in attendance will use in remembrance of the wedding. This evening event is once again only for close family and friends and involves giving the bride a nickname and the cutting of bread.

The parents of the couple have allocated a place for the Melse or post wedding party. At this juncture, the band receives appreciatory messages from family and friends not in attendance from all over the world. The couple proceeds to take pictures with each one of their guests and then is led to the stage for their first dance as a married couple. The ceremony begins by the couple exchanging rings and cutting the cake, upon which time the champagne is opened. The groom and bride then continue by entering the hall or venue. With the bridal car at the head of the procession, all vehicles have customary flowers hanging out of the windows with the passengers all singing traditional Ethiopian wedding songs. After a short back and forth with song, the groom is let into the house, where he presents his bride to be with flowers. Those inside the bride’s house go outside singing a traditional song that says they will not let anyone in the house.

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“My husband and I were the ones who paid for our banquet, and my parents took 10 tables for our wedding banquet, so even though the Pin Jin was relatively lower, they were okay with it. Both my in-laws have retired so we didn’t want to over-burden them as well.” – Belinda, 33, HR manager. Note that there are also other expenses that you might have to pay to get married in the USA. If your date has a low level of English or she doesn’t speak it at all it’s not a problem as there are many translation services. You can book a skilled interpreter for around $35-60 per hour.

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